Rock Formation


We are a collective of visual artists who are trying to reclaim the power over our art and creativity, make the world appreciate art differently and protect the living artist. We hope to provide art programs for groups such as the neuro-diverse, seniors living in residence homes and with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, refugee and underprivileged children, and people in long-term hospital care. We also plan to create an art fund to support emerging artists while they launch their careers.

Meet The Artists


Silvia Sarsano

Silvia graduated magna cum laude at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with a Thesis about Videoclip as a form of contemporary art.

"My work is dedicated to the exploration of  the feelings of my generation. I observe people and I have a compulsion to “fix” them. My paintings are almost a diary of my encounters. They are a reflection of the people who make up my generation. "


Jilli Darling

From paintings on canvas, musings on paper, to large-scale murals, Jilli Darling brings a wide array of experience as an artist who has worked on commissions for the office and for the home. Jilli Darling draws her natural talent from an early training at a semi-private art school during her middle school studies. She then proceeded to acquire a bachelor's degree in graphic design and has worked within design agencies and tech start-up companies from Toronto and across Europe.


Lena Tvorit

Lena is a Russian artist, an urban sketcher and a storyteller based in Berlin. She loves unveiling tales of different cities and their inhabitants by capturing them on paper. She usually draws analog and uses alcohol markers as a medium."I see cities through their stories"

living artists collective

Ciele Rose

Berlin based Canadian artist. Founder of Blueberry Design.


Ona Bava

Ona works with oil pastel and acrylic on paper and canvas. "I am quite nostalgic and romantic. I love objects, furniture and garments from the past decades. I stroll through flea markets or antique shops, looking for inspiration. An old vase or a chair, things that I bring back to the present by collecting and painting them."


Sara Tohme

Sara Tohme is a Berlin based Lebanese artist . Bright colour palette combined with organised lines display the controversy of containment and freedom that she notices in the people around her. She paints portraits that seem to feel emotions of indifference but also reflect a discreet sense of fascination.